Swing - Senior Class

Swing Senior Class - More Advanced

If you've danced this far, then you've decided to learn Lindy Hop more extensively, faster and sportier.

In this course, you learn more technique, more partnering and control, as well as more complex figures, more styling, speed and combinations.

Course duration: ongoing


  • Mondays, 21:00 - 22:15 - Swing Senior Class

    We teach in small groups so that we can respond individually to each couple. We pay attention to your progress and do not leave you high and dry. Entry at any time possible. Participation without a partner is possible, but it is recommended to have one.

  • Qualification

    Participation in the Senior Class is level dependent. You will have to qualify yourself by audition.If other classes are too easy or no longer fun, then come on over and we will see if you fit in this group.

  • Course Figure Catalog

    The following figures and more are taught in the course: Savoy Kicks, Surprise Cross, Lasso, Reverse Grab, Inside Turn to Tuck, Grapevine, Double Barrel, Lady Dive, etc.

Motivation Videos


Each course (Swing, Tango or Ballroom) is paid per class. Couples/partners are helpful, but not required).


10 EUR/Person


10 classes: 80 EUR/person

Students, trainees and those in financially difficult situations pay a reduced fare. Please bring the relevant documentation.


6 EUR/Person

For highly motivated and ambitious dancers, a monthly unlimited pass is available. Access to all courses, classes and events. Workshops at half price. Valid for the booked calendar month.


80 EUR/Person