Swing College: Level 8

Swing College: Lesson

Dynamics and dance flow are the key elements in swing dancing. This course is designed to further refine and expand couple harmony/connection and your flow.

By participating in this course, you are deciding to perfect your Lindy Hop and Charleston skills. We will integrate and stabilize security, flexibility, athleticism and experimentation into the dance.
The goal of this course is learning to understand how Lindy Hop works in its dynamic. We show you more techniques, partnering, leading, and of course, more figures. Once you master this, feel free to register in our Swing Senior Class.


  • Tuesday 19:45 - 21:00 - Level 8

  • Course Figure Catalog

    The following figures and more are taught in the course: Double Roll, Lunge Break, Boing Boing Charleston, Tandem Send Out with Leader Turn, Double Spin, Boomerang, Canadian Bakin, Broken Gear Turn, Duck and Roll, etc.

  • We teach in small groups so that we can respond individually to each couple. We pay attention to your progress and do not leave you high and dry. Possible to join at any time. Participation without a partner possible.

Motivation Videos


Each course (Swing, Tango or Ballroom) is paid per class. Couples/partners are helpful, but not required).


10 EUR/Person


10 classes: 80 EUR/person

Students, trainees and those in financially difficult situations pay a reduced fare. Please bring the relevant documentation.


6 EUR/Person

For highly motivated and ambitious dancers, a monthly unlimited pass is available. Access to all courses, classes and events. Workshops at half price. Valid for the booked calendar month.


80 EUR/Person