Swing - Elementary: Level 1-3

Elementary Lessons

Learning Swing doesn't have to be difficult. Before going into the Lindy Hop, it makes sense to learn the six-count swing in an easy and playful way.

Due to its simple, playful structure, six-count swing is ideal for beginners. Learning the steps and leading is quite easy. In our casual, easy and relaxed atmosphere, you will know how to dance literally immediately.
The six-count swing has a broad repertoire of figures and expressive possibilities. It is international and can be used in many other dances (eg. Boogie, Jive, Blues). Ninety percent of all swing music can be danced with the six count.
The elementary class will show you everything you need to know in order to swing dance (movement, leading, partnering, figures and stability) in a relaxed and uncomplicated way that invites you to join. The aim is to send you straight into our Lindy Hop classes.


  • Level 1

    Course duration: 8 classes
    Figures: Basics, Lady Turn, Promenade, Trading Places, Lady Inside Turn, Tuck Turn, Side Charleston Basic, Repeater, Double Kicks, Stop and Go, Double Turns, Basket/Cuddle, etc...

  • Level 2

    Course duration: 12 classes

    Figures: Leader Turn, She Turn - He Turn, Conter Promenade, Barrel Roll, Dbl Hand Leading, Sweetheart, Kick the Dog, Kicks Away, Charleston Jockey, Backslide, Stomps, etc...

  • Level 3

    Course duration: 12 classes
    Figures: Tandem Charleston Basic, Irritations, Front to Front Charleston, Drunken Charleston, Charleston Jump and Slide, Drunken Sailor, Skates, Mini Dip, Hand to Hand Charleston etc...



Each course (Swing, Tango or Ballroom) is paid per class. Couples/partners are helpful, but not required).


10 EUR/Person


10 classes: 80 EUR/person

Students, trainees and those in financially difficult situations pay a reduced fare. Please bring the relevant documentation.


6 EUR/Person

For highly motivated and ambitious dancers, a monthly unlimited pass is available. Access to all courses, classes and events. Workshops at half price. Valid for the booked calendar month.


80 EUR/Person