Swing - Middle School: Level 4-5

Middle School; Beg/Int

It is a small hurdle to go from six-count swing to Lindy Hop. But the transfer of your already-learned techniques should make the entrance to the intermediate level simpler.

With the help of six-count Lindy Hop and the Lindy Promenades, you will learn how to move on the dance floor and get used to a new rhythm.

We'll lead you to the most important figure in swing: the swing-out (or more correctly termed: Lindy Turn). By mastering this figure, you’ll go to the next level of swing - the high school - and enjoy the possibilities that Lindy Hop can offer.


  • Level 4

    Duration: 8 classes
    Figures: Lindy Promenade Variations, Trippel Six Count Variations, Swing Out, Send Out and Bring In etc...

  • Level 5

    Duration: ongoing
    Figures: Lindy Turn, Inside Turn, Outside Turn, Texas Tommy, Tuck Turn, first Breaks and Rhythm Changes etc...

  • We teach in small groups so that we can respond individually to each couple. We pay attention to your progress and do not leave you high and dry. Possible to join in at any time. Participation without a partner possible.

Motivation Videos


Each course (Swing, Tango or Ballroom) is paid per class. Couples/partners are helpful, but not required).


10 EUR/Person


10 classes: 80 EUR/person

Students, trainees and those in financially difficult situations pay a reduced fare. Please bring the relevant documentation.


6 EUR/Person

For highly motivated and ambitious dancers, a monthly unlimited pass is available. Access to all courses, classes and events. Workshops at half price. Valid for the booked calendar month.


80 EUR/Person