Each course ( Swing , Tango or Ballroom ) will be paid per appointment. Pairwise is helpful but not duty .


10,- Euro each Person

or Zehnerkarte

80,- Euro each Person

Visit each course three times. Tango, Swing and Ballroom Dancing. For those who still do not know exactly what they want to learn. Ideal as a gift. Valid for one person .

Find Your Dance Ticket


Every Saturday or Friday there a open swing practice at about 21 or 21:30 o´clock. Admission is free.

Open Practice Evening

Entrance FREE


Pupils, students, trainees and people in awkward situations pay a reduced fare. Please bring the relevant evidence.


6,- Euro each Person

Who wants to visit two swing classes in a row, feel free to do so. And you even saves. After the first class costs the other only 5 , - Euro.

Second Class in a Row

5,- Euro each Person

For any excessiv dancer or ambitious, there is a monthly pass. Access to all courses and classes, and other events. Workshops at half price. Valid for the booked calendar month.

monthly pass

80,-Euro each Person