Course Overview

Our classes are designed in such a way that you can learn all the necessary techniques and skills of swing dancing after a single class.

We put great emphasis on movement and a little athleticism to create a natural flow. Stationary dancing and exaggerated arm leading should eventually be eliminated.

The lessons are exclusively divided into two parts: the technical as well as the figure section where you can practice and combine the newly acquired techniques with the new figures


  • We show you dynamic dancing that makes swing/Lindy Hop very simple, logical and natural. We demonstrate how the "Tanzfluß" (Danceflow) can be found and how to flow with it easily. After that, you will learn how to break through the dynamics, for example, integrate jazz steps into your dance.

  • Once you have mastered this, you're ready for our Level 7/8 or senior class where many complex figures, combinations and fun stuff await you.

  • In addition, we offer great ongoing workshops where you can learn other interesting figures, steps, and techniques as well as strengthening the harmony/connection between you and your partner. For more Info Call or ask in Class.

  • All classes operate on an open, drop-in basis where you can join at any time or skip a class from time to time and still keep up. However, it is an advantage to attend classes on a regular basis and above all, to practice.

Motivation Videos

Elementary - Beginner Level 1-3

Learning Swing need not be difficult. Before going into Lindy Hop, it makes sense to start by hands-on learning with the six-count swing. Ideal for beginners and curious dancers who want to take their first steps on the floor.

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Middle School - Beg/Int Level 4-5

You have already gained basic experience/familiarized yourselves with swing and can now move on the dance floor. Now it’s time to learn the proper kind of swing dance. Lindy Hop is a dance based on dynamics, simple leading structure and leaves plenty of room for improvisation, style and fun.

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High School - Intermed. Level 6 - 7

This course expands and refines your Lindy Hop and Lindy Charleston knowledge. You'll learn great new figures, more technique and improve connection/harmony between you and your partner. Everything in this course will be based on a clean Lindy Turn / Swing out, which you have learned in Level 5.

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College - Intermed/Adv. Level 8

Dynamics and dance flow are the key elements in swing dancing. This course is designed to further refine and expand couple harmony/connection and your flow. You will learn the skills that need in order to prepare you for the Swing senior class.

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Swing Senior Class - Advanced

If you made it this far, then you've decided to swing in a sportier, more varied and exuberant way. The senior class offers you this possibility. Dance faster, more powerfully and intensely.

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Each course (Swing, Tango or Ballroom) is paid per class. Couples/partners are helpful, but not required).


10 EUR/Person


10 classes: 80 EUR/person

Students, trainees and those in financially difficult situations pay a reduced fare. Please bring the relevant documentation.


6 EUR/Person

For highly motivated and ambitious dancers, a monthly unlimited pass is available. Access to all courses, classes and events. Workshops at half price. Valid for the booked calendar month.


80 EUR/Person